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Components and Accessories

Dynameco Control Unit (DCU)

The Dynameco (DCU) is used to release and monitor aerosol extinguishing generators. By means of permanent monitoring, the control unit controls and monitors the fire protection system, e.g. for wire breakage. The DCU can be connected to any fire alarm control panel (FACP) via a VDS-compatible interface. Alternatively, the DCU can be manually released by means of the Dynameco operator device (DOD). The release temperatures for temperature detectors ranging from 60 °C to 180 °C and a delay time until release can be variably adjusted. The release criterion can be set via a 2-line dependency for fire detection, for example, with temperature and smoke detectors. Up to eight extinguishing generators can be used for direct connection. Up to 32 extinguishing generators can be connected via distributor boxes to protect room volumes up to 640 m³. When designing the concept, cable lengths and room conditions must be taken into account.

Dimensions (L x W x T) in mm:220 x 138 x 55
Housing material:Polystyrene
Weight:550 grams
Protection class:IP 20
Operating temperatures:-10°C to +60°C
Operating voltage:24 VDC
Operating current:0,2 A
Activation current:max. 4 A

Operator device (DOD)

The operator device (DOD) is intended for connection to the Dynameco Control Unit (DCU). It is the automatic or manual release system for Dynameco applications which are not equipped with a fire alarm control panel (FACP). The Dynameco operator device (DOD) features an automatic release via an “ON/OFF” switch and has a covered manual release button which allows the manual release of an installation.

Dimensions (L x B x T) in mm:185 x 80 x 78
Housing material:ABS (plastic)
Weight:500 g
Protection class:IP 54
Operating temperatures:-10°C to +60°C
Operating voltage:24 VDC
Current consumption:0,1 A

Temperature detector (DTF)

Due to its very compact size, the DTF is particularly suitable for use in small and confined spaces. The temperature detector features a robust design and is dust and waterproof. Its minimal sensor mass/probe tip of approx. 1 mm2 enables the temperature detector to respond quickly and reliably. The temperature detector is based on NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) technology, i.e. the resistance changes depending on the temperature. The alarm switching point is set on the fire alarm and extinguishing control panel or in the evaluation unit of the temperature measuring and triggering system according to customer requirements.

Dimensions (L x W) in mm:61 x 12
Weight:25 g
Protection class:IP 66
Temperature range:-25°C to +180°C
Connection cable length22 cm

Further components and accessories, such as flame detectors, smoke detectors, mounting systems etc. are available on request.