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Application areas

Aerosol fire extinguishing generators

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The main areas of application are in electrical engineering systems and equipment, kitchens, machinery, ships and vehicles.

The highly effective and minimal aerosol generates excellent extinguishing power, enabling fires to be suppressed within a few seconds. Dynameco fire extinguishing generators are very well suited to suppressing fires in the development phase.    

  • PCs
  • Hosting centres
  • Server centres
  • Radio transmitters/stations
  • TV transmitters/stations
  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Boats / ships / ferries
  • Airplanes
  • In-company logistics (fork lifts)
  • Ship- and harbour cranes
  • Construction vehicles
  • Printing presses
  • CNC machinery
  • Machining centres
  • Production lines
  • Painting lines
  • Storage rooms
  • Archives
  • Warehouses
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Equipment rooms
  • Transformer stations
  • Generator stations
  • Control cabinets
  • Measuring control rooms
  • Control centers / rooms
  • Substations
  • Accumulator – and battery technology
  • Wind turbines
  • Uninterruptable power supply systems
  • Turbines
  • Decentralized power generating systems
  • Converter technologies
  • Kitchens/industrial kitchens
  • Food trucks
  • Snack bars
  • Canteens

Areas of Application

Depending on the application, all Dynamico Fire extinguishing generators can be used for room flooding and /or for object extinguishing in the fields of electrical engineering systems and devices, power generation, transport, machinery, data processing, communication and kitchens.

In the case of room flooding, the entire room area is flooded with the extinguishing agent. Regardless of the location of the fire in the room, the fire is stopped by the evenly distributed concentration of extinguishing agent (aerosol).

By means of object extinguishing, direct sources of fire are exposed to the aerosol flow and suppressed. Typical applications are burning liquids (e.g. petrol, oil) on machines, systems and equipment.

Depending on the application, the combination of room flooding and object extinguishing is also possible (e.g. wind turbines).
The exact design of the extinguishing system is determined by knowledge of the installation location and the sources of risk. In the case of room flooding, the necessary extinguishing agent is designed for the room volume; in the case of object extinguishing, this is according to the specification of the object to be protected and the prevailing ambient conditions.


Application examples

Due to the particular difficulties of fighting fires at sea and the enormous number of victims in fires, special attention is paid to fire protection at sea. Ships are complex structures that combine engines, galleys, living and sleeping quarters, electronics and storage in a very confined space.

Chimney effects and heat-conducting steel walls can lead to the rapid spread of fires in all parts of ships. In addition, ships often contain a large number of flammable materials, such as wood and plastics, which quickly catch fire and produce many respiratory toxins.
Each part of a ship has specific flammability properties which must be considered separately in the fire protection concept. Dynameco fire extinguishing generators are perfect for all parts of a ship. They are used in engine rooms, kitchens, storage rooms and for the electrical engineering systems.

The most important criterion for fire protection on ships is the time factor. Dynameco fire extinguishing generators are systems that enable fires to be extinguished in the development phase. The extinguishing process is completed within a few seconds.


Lightning strikes, oil and cable fires on gearboxes and other technical defects have recently led to many fires in wind turbines. In 2019, damage in Germany amounted to approximately 40 million euro.
As fires in the nacelle of wind turbines cannot be extinguished by the fire-fighting services, these turbines burn down completely. Nacelle heights of over 100 metres are not uncommon. In many cases, the only option left is to let the turbine burn down in a controlled manner. Consequently, the damage for operators and insurance companies is enormous.

Dynameco fire extinguishing generators are used in the three following wind turbine risk areas: These are the areas of the nacelle, the transformer room and inside the enclosed control cabinets. The main requirements for fire protection in wind turbines are low weight and installation volume with compact dimensions, plus the elimination of complex pressure vessels and piping. Dynameco fire extinguishing generators fulfil these requirements perfectly. This makes the Dynameco fire extinguishing system a cost-effective solution compared to other technologies.

Statistically, 32% of all fires occur in the area of electrical installations. The electrical control cabinets and switchgear with their active and passive components are a considerable hazard potential.

A fire can continue from the switch cabinets into the building due to the fire loads of the cables and lines. Starting fires in switch cabinets or control centers are quickly and safely extinguished by Dynameco fire extinguishing generators.

Dynameco is a highly effective and cost-efficient fire extinguishing agent for control cabinets and switchgears.

Vehicle fires pose the greatest danger to people and usually leave only a few minutes to rescue the occupants. Within a very short time, temperatures in the passenger compartment or in the surrounding area rise by more than 100 degrees. Risk areas in vehicles are engine compartments, underbody assemblies, liquid and fuel tanks.

Depending on the application, wether cars, special vehicles, lorries, buses or forklift trucks, our Dynameco fire extinguishing generators can provide protection for the respective risk areas. This applies to extinguishing objects as well as room flooding. The main requirement for fire protection is the rapid suppression of the fire source in order to prevent it from spreading to highly flammable components such as plastics and tyres, and fire smoke developing into a respiratory toxin.

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Fires in high and low voltage systems, transformer stations and substations have a very high-risk potential. In addition to the consequences of a power failure, the fire of transformers and insulation material produces highly toxic or environmentally harmful gases and waste products.

Depending on the system and construction, our Dynameco fire extinguishing generators are used for room flooding or as object extinguishers.

Both Dynameco E03 with electrical release and Dynameco TA08 with thermal release are used for fire protection in these areas


The risk of fire in kitchens, deep fryers, industrial deep fryers and exhaust air systems is high. Highly flammable hot fats and oils can quickly lead to fires, putting staff and equipment at risk. In fact it has often been the case that exhaust air systems in commercial kitchens that are not properly cleaned or maintained cause fires due to deposited fats and other substances. These deposits in the extractor systems constitute a potential fire hazard if proper maintenance is not carried out.
Fires that are not extinguished promptly usually result in considerable damage and losses. Many house fires are due to incipient fires in kitchens.
The Dynameco fire extinguishing generators, which are mostly installed above or in the risk areas, extinguished a fire within seconds. The small installation volume and compact dimensions allow the fire extinguishing generators to be used in almost any place in a kitchen.
Residues can be removed quickly and easily with standard cleaning agents. Our Dynameco 200-E03 and/or 300-E03 are primarily used in the more than 1,000 kitchen installations worldwide.


In addition to property damage, destroyed production machinery and systems can cause further consequential damage, such as delivery failures, market losses and loss of image, which may happen as a result of downtime. 
Common causes of fires include defective hydraulic lines and oil that ignites on hot chips or blunt machining tools.
In state-of-the-art high-speed machine tools where extreme heat is generated and flammable coolant oils are used, Dynameco extinguishing generators can protect the installations safely, efficiently and without complex pipework. Due to the compact design, installation is also possible in areas that are difficult to access and in confined spaces.  
Machine tools, production facilities and machining centres are consequently typical application areas for the tailor-made solutions using Dynameco.

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