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Dynameco product ranges

The current product groups of Dynameco Aerosol fire extinguishing generators

The Dynameco product group encompasses a wide range of fire extinguishing generators and currently three release systems designed for the different volumes and areas of application to be protected. Depending on the application, all fire extinguishing generators can be used for object and/or room extinguishing. The Dynameco product group is certified for fire protection classes A, B, F and C.
The product group is represented by the fire extinguishing generators Dynameco 2000, Dynameco 300, Dynameco 200 and Dynameco 50. Per extinguishing generator, the protected room volume for the Dynameco 2000 is approx. 20 m³, for the Dynameco 300 approx. 3 m³, for the Dynameco 200 approx. 2 m³ and for the Dynameco 50 approx. 0.5 m³.

Compared to other extinguishing systems, Dynameco aerosol extinguishing agent technology is particularly effective and cost-efficient for rooms with small volumes. The Dynameco 50-E03 can be used for volumes upwards of 0.3 m³.

Depending on the usage scenario, there are three different activation mechanisms to choose from:
thermal release via thermal vial as well as the electric and pneumatic release via a linear hose detection system.

Dynameco PA

Pneumatic activation

Dynameco TA

Thermal activation

Dynameco E

Electrical activation