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Innovative Fire Extinguishing

Dynameco – 100% Made in Germany

Future-Proof Technology

Dynameco – simply the best

Dynameco – created for Life

Areas of applications

The product groups of Dynameco aerosol fire extinguishing generators are designed to extinguish objects on fire or fires in rooms. The extinguishing systems can be used for a wide range of applications. The highly effective aerosol generates maximum extinguishing power directly in the development phase. This means fires are safely extinguished within a few seconds to reliably protect both people and material assets.

Energy sector

fire extinguishing process

“A dependable and easy-to-use system is very important to us. The cost-performance ratio is excellent and our customers in the wind energy branch are convinced by the Dynameco fire protection technology.”
Roland Cloos
Windservice Westerwald

What makes Dynameco unique?

Think "GREEN"

  • “Green” extinguishing technology
  • Environment friendly and safe for people
  • No oxygen reduction during the fire extinguishing process
  • No harmful effects for people or machinery


  • Global sales network and expertise
  • Cost-effective future-proof technology
  • Easy and safe transportation worldwide
  • 100% “made In Germany”

Easy Installation

  • No elaborate pipelines or pressure containers
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Space-saving installation also in confined spaces
  • Easy and cost-effective replacement
  • Minimum downtime for users

Extinguishing fires efficiently and independently

The product group Dynameco TA extinguishing generators with thermal release is a currentless system with integrated fire detection and fire suppression features.

Dynameco TA

The product group Dynameco TA extinguishing generators with thermal release are designed to put out objects on fire or fires in rooms. The simple and easy to install system variants are equipped with automatic fire detection. No separate control unit is required for activation.

In addition to fire detection by means of sprinkler vials with different release temperatures, the source of the fire is also effectively suppressed using the proven aerosol extinguishing agent. This symbiosis makes Dynameco particularly effective and cost-efficient in terms of purchase and installation.  

Application Examples

Available for activating temperatures of:

57 °C, 68 °C, 79 or 93 °C.

Further activation temperatures on request.

Optionally available with a potential-free monitoring pressure switch.

This enables the alarm and/or shutdown of electrical units, systems or engines with the means commonly used in fire detection technology. 

Particularly suitable for:

  • Marine engines rooms up to 20m3
  • Control cabinets
  • Transformer stations
  • Compressors
  • Tool machines
  • Wind turbines
  • and much more…