Dynameco application on ships

There is a high attention focussed on fire protection at sea because of the particular difficulties implied with fire protection at sea and the high number of fire casualties. A ship is a complex structure that can combine machines, kitchens, living and sleeping space, electronics, and storage - all within a narrow space.

The chimney effect as well as heat-conducting steel walls are leading to a rapid emission of fires in all sub-areas of ships. Furthermore, ships often dispose of many flammable materials such as wood and plastics, which may catch fire easily and produce many toxic gases.

Each sub-area of a ship has specific fire properties that should be considered separately for a fire protection concept. Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are ideal for the ship's sub-areas.

They are employed in machine rooms, kitchens, storerooms, and electromechanical systems. On a ship, time is the most important fire-protection criterion. Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are extinguishing systems which extinguish a fire that has just broken out. The extinction is performed within a few seconds.