The current product group of the Dynameco aerosol extinguishing generators

The Dynameco product group currently consists of three different fire extinguishing generators, which have been designed for different volumes to be protected. All fire extinguishing generators can be employed for object-based extinction and/or room-based extinction, depending on their application. The Dynameco product group is approved for fire protection classes B (limited) and C.

The product group is currently being represented by the Dynameco 2000, Dynameco 300, and Dynameco 200 fire extinguishing generators. The protected room volume per extinguishing generator is 20m³ for Dynameco 2000, 3m³ for Dynameco 300, and 2m³ for Dynameco 200.

Dynameco Aerosol extinguishing agent technologies have a competitive edge compared with other technologies dealing with small volumes. This means that Dynameco can efficiently protect small areas/rooms at low cost. For example, the Dynameco 200 can be employed in room volumes as small as 1m³.

Depending on the scenario, there are 3 optional triggering mechanisms available. Thermal triggering through Thermophiols, as well as electric and pneumatic triggering via linear tube detection device.

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