The manual or automatic Dynameco Operator Device (DOD)

The Dynameco Operator Tableau (DOD) connects to the Dynameco Control Unit (DCU). It is the automatic or manual triggering system for Dynameco manual applications, which do not deploy a fire notification centre.

In combination with the Dynameco temperature-based fire alarm (DTD 180), which connects to the DCU, automatic triggering of a Dynameco application can be enabled.

The Dynameco Operator Tableau includes an automatic “ON/OFF” triggering feature. The DOD has a covered manual triggering tip switch, allowing for manual triggering a system.

If the aerosol extinguishing system – consisting of a temperature-based fire alarm, a control unit, and the DOS - is used as an automatic extinguishing system, the automatic triggering "ON/OFF" switch of the DOD is "ON". In case of a fire, the temperature-based fire alarm and the Control Unit will trigger the fire extinguishing generators.

If the automatic triggering "ON/OFF" switch is set to the "OFF" position, the extinguishing generators can only be activated with the covered manual tip switch of the DOD.

Dynameco Operator Device
Dynameco Operator Device (DOD)