07.07.2008 08:27

New sales partner in United Kingdom and Middle East for Dynameco

GLT Exports Ltd. is our new sales partner for the Dynameco aerosol extinguishing system in United Kingdom and Middle East countries. GLT Exports Ltd. has good experience with the brand mark Zeta in detection- and fire alarm solutions.

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04.07.2008 08:28

New sales partner in Finland for Dynameco

Rauplan OY is our new sales partner for the Dynameco aerosol extinguishing system in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Baltic States with a long years of experience in solutions of fire protection.

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21.04.2008 08:29

Product news Dynameco with Thermal Activator

With Dynameco -TA08 Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH completed the product range in the division of fire extinguishing systems. The new product offers a wide range of applications in case of total flooding and object suppression. Apart from fire detection by the thermal igniter, the fire is suppressed simultaneously and effectively by the approved aerosol generator. With this new combination the Dynameco is anymore effective and efficient. Low weight and low required space as well as an easy installation enable the customer high flexibility and  perfect integration by using in different application fields to suppress the fire. Advantages / Benefits at a glance: Fire detection and extinguishing system all-in Independent system solution; no electric power supply necessary-"stand alone" Available in different generator versions Dynameco 200, 300 and 2000 Simple installation and extensive system accessory Wide range of possibilities and flexible in different application fields System diversity of variants by the use of different requirements of temperature range (e.g. 57°, 68°, 79°, 93° C) System accepting and planning reliability according high efficiency and international approvals

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17.04.2008 08:30

FIRE EVENT in Nikosia Cyprus

Our sales partner Piperaris organized successfully, on the 17th. of April 2008 a FIRE EVENT at the international Fair Grounds in Nikosia. Participants of security consultants from various organizations and companies, airports,banks, as well as electrical and mechanical engenderers and architects gave their presence. The event's programme included presentation of the fire extinguishing generators Dynameco as well as live demonstration of tracing and extinguishing fire, which was very impressive.

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29.02.2008 09:32

Successful performance on trade show SECURE 2008 in Madrid

Many national and international visitors satisfied theirselfs of the performance and product news of Dynameco fire extinguishing system on the trade show of our spanish sales partner SPECIAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER SYSTEM S.L on the SECURE 2008 in Madrid.

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11.02.2008 09:32

New sales partner in Bulgaria for Dynameco

The company FIRE SYSTEMS with head quarter in Plovdiv is the new sales partner for the Dynameco aerosol extinguishing system in Bulgaria. FIRE SYSTEMS with Managing Director Zhelyazko Kostov M. Sc. Eng. has many years of experience in engineering, planning and installing active fire extinguishing systems. Contact data please find in category sales partners. Further more Dynamit Nobel Defence and FIRE SYSTEMS under special direction of Mr. Mitew convinced with a common booth and symposium on the trade show SECURITY 2008 in Sophia February 11th to February 15th.

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28.01.2008 09:33

New general sales partner for Eastern Europe

The company Optima Trade GmbH is our new general sales partner for the Dynameco fire extinguishing system for Eastern Europe with the Managing Director Dipl. Kfm. Wesselin Mitew. Further contact data please find in category sales partners.

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24.01.2008 09:34

New sales partner in Netherland for Dynameco

Mactwin Security Group is our new sales partner for the Dynameco aerosol extinguishing system in Netherland with more than 25 years experience in  security solutions and fire protection.

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