Dynameco application in data processing centers

A high percentage of international IT managers consider fire the biggest threat for data resources; one in two consider viruses the worst threat; human failure comes third. Today's global and networked companies and organizations mostly rely on data resources as their main capital.

The permanent growth of the data amount and the complexity of systems means that fire protection is becoming more and more relevant. Institutions and companies (including SMBs) have been sensitized.

Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are ideal for deployment in server and computer centres. Thanks to their small mechanical form factor and their light-weight structure, the Fire Extinguishing Generators can be easily installed directly within those systems. They are attached with magnetic fixtures, which renders bores and screw connections unnecessary. When used to extinguish a fire, the extinguishing agent has no effect upon the system's functionality; any residues may be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents.
Our Dynameco 200-E02 are mostly employed for server and computer centres.